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01:51am 18/12/2005
mood: happy
Your Birthdate: December 18

You are a cohesive force - able to bring many people together for a common cause.
You tend to excel in work situations, but you also facilitate a lot of social gatherings too.
Beyond being a good leader, you are good at inspiring others.
You also keep your powerful emotions in check - you know when to emote and when to repress.

Your strength: Emotional maturity beyond your years

Your weakness: Wearing yourself down with too many responsibilities

Your power color: Crimson red

Your power symbol: Snowflake

Your power month: September
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12:30am 10/11/2005
  how 'bout we all just grow up a little bit here

cause really i dont give a shit about you anymore
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04:56pm 06/11/2005
  yeah.....after this weekend, it really is time to go home. i regret not taking colleen up last night on her dekalb party. i hope these next two weeks fly by.

but not before a nice trip to Crave...who's real excited for a real based on fondue...that would be me!

watched house of wax yet again with some other people and bought an 80's cd. we wont talk about the incident with the puzzle, it just makes me and amanda kinda look like idiots! but other than that, really didnt do anything this weekend

doing homework pretty much all day. why is jaeschke such a douche and FINALLY sent us the questions sunday at 430 when they were suppose to be sent friday at 330?! maybe ill go to the library in a little bit and work on them
03:02pm 03/11/2005
  i know, i know...2 updates in a row, but they're both pretty pointless.

im in marching methods right now and this class is ridiculous. we do nothing and the teacher can NOT explain how to work this computer program. melissa and i have pretty much just talked about sex all day...its been fun. i miss her. i know you're probably gunna read this like tonight, but we gotta go out together soon, everyone knows we're a good time.

so amanda and i def drove this random lady to someones house yesterday. she was pretty much a hitchhiker

also...i saw a dead body with a puddle of blood all over it. yep....interesting story

guess thats its for now, tonight will probably be a pretty boring night, we'll see though. might be a trip somewhere....
01:10pm 03/11/2005
  i just received something in my mailbox that made my day!!! thanks nikki, thats why you work at spencers! as we found out today...spencers limits are endless! lol  
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08:23pm 01/11/2005
  things at school have been ok.

miss my friends from home though....a lot. colleen and nikki, you guys better watch out, we got some posideon(?) adventure, Rent, Chicago, Ring 2, our annual thanksgiving date and so much more. this thanksgiving break is going to be awesome just seeing them alone

im sick of always feeling second here. this probably doesnt make sense. i know there will always be someone better than you at everything, but it just feels like someone else is always coming before me or just more important. kinda really makes me feel like shit sometimes. it was real nice last year when you had friends, but there was no lies and drama, just good times. this year i feel i have to almost prove myself and apparently i havent been doing the best job. it sounds horrible but nothing has gone as i had planned on this year. I try as hard as possible to be an optimistic person about things, but that can only take you so far. you get to a point where you have to ask yourself..is it worth it to stay here and just try to make the best of things? and this is where im at right now

i know this is kinda random and i normally dont post about more personal issues, but this has been bugging me and lately it just seems no one is around to talk to. i think i just needed to write out the question

all i can say is im fucking stoked for thanksgiving break!!!!!

is it sad that im excited to go to spencers and ask audrey if i can work over xmas break for a few days?
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07:40pm 13/10/2005
  things are going pretty good :)  
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01:03pm 16/09/2005
  So lets recap last sunday, just because i know its something i will want to come back and read later on (i say that now but i know i never will, i just really want to write it out)


Such a great time. melissa and i left around noon and just had a nice drive up there with some great talks. Since we've both been pretty damn busy this term, we haven't been able to do that as often, but we got caught up between the drive there and back. So we get there around 1:40 and walk in. It truly was in the middle of nowhere! there were a few small planes on the ground surrounding a kinda of barnyard type building. Once we walk inside, the lady at the front desk was all about getting us ready to be in the plane in the next twenty minutes! So we sit on a couch and she puts in a movie with this rabbi guy with a yamaca and a three foot beard talking about how fun his first skydiving experience was, but still, you must remember, that if you die, ITS NOT THEIR FAULT. but watching the people jumping out and the photos on the wall just pumped us up even more. The lady hands us a clipboard with a bunch of papers on it and it truly felt as if we were signing our lives away with all the initialing and info we had to write down.

When that was over with (about 10 minutes) we go to the main garage area where we get a 5 minute training session where we were taught about the "arch". We had to lay on our stomach and just arch everything backwards, so when your in the air, you will fly down that way and its just the safest. So when that was over with, we met our tandem partners (my was hisham(?) and mellisa's was phil, both really nice guys) we get strapped up and head on into the plane. At this point you can only imagine how excited we were!

The four of us get into the small plane and we're off. When we were at the first 100 feet off the ground, we're like "wow, this is pretty high" but then we keep going and going! The plane ride took about 20 minutes and it was just nice and relaxing. Surprisingly, the higher we got, the less nervous we were. 1000. 5000. 1000. 14,000 feet and the plane begins to level off. They whip open the door, and then you're ready to go! Melissa went first. It was real interesting watching one of your best friends jump out of a plane! When it was my turn, you just slide your feet over the side of the plane and your just sitting on the plane with the door wipe open! You rock back three times and on the first one, you tuck and roll right out of the plane! Contrary to popular belief, you're not scared what so ever. Once you jump out, you do two somersaults and get to see underneath the plane (which is a big thing for skydivers i guess since they kept talking about it!) after the rolls, you plummeting head first to the ground, and although you feel the wind rushing against you like crazy, you dont feel like you're moving. i think it was 130 mph we were at though, just flying through the air! After sixty seconds of pure free fall, we traveled 11,000 feet and it was time to pull the ripcord.

Huge jolt in your body when the parachute opens up. Then you just get to take 5 minutes or so and enjoy gliding down. I got to take the handles in my hands. To turn you had to yank the fuck out of those things, but it was so cool. We did donuts and figure 8's in the air. landed right in the marked area and even landed still standing. kinda funny watching melissa cause she kinda just tumbled onto the floor almost in slow motion!

And that was that, sky-diving in a nutshell. It's still crazy to think that at 14,000 feet in the air i opened up a door, sat on the edge of a plane and just jumped out.

The after-effects: took a full day to get full hearing back in both ears but besides that, it was ok. Stopped at a great chinese place in cedar rapids since it was sunday and that's just what we do. Also, if you get easily offended, dont read.....but we found it kind of ironic that we were jumping out of a plane on 9/11.

met melissa's grandparents, real nice people. headed back to school, probably did some homework, had the first swing dance meeting, and yeah, about it.

School's been decent, real busy, but still on top of things. Got my trumpet and have been practicing it a lot, i really like it.

School year started off real well with the party at the poje sat and then flippy cup sunday. These past few days have actually been pretty disappointing though. There have been a few realizations made and i just really need to stop being too attached to people. I don't want to get into too much detail without sounding like a complaining bitch, but some people here are real fake, but what do you expect....its augie. I just need to better spend my time with people really enjoy being with. and in other news...it might be time to move on. I'm sick of always having to watch what i say and make sure what i do is ok with you. you get pissed off at the smallest things, and right now i have no idea what it is. If you want to big the big person that you say you are, do something about it, cause otherwise im just done. Oh, and talking to my mom on the phone having her tell me yet again that im wasting my time is music doesn't help everything overall.

I HATE DELL. if everything works out, maybe i'll be able to get my computer back and all fixed in a few weeks.

it time to go
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11:02am 11/09/2005
mood: excited
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04:00pm 23/08/2005
mood: wicked (seeing it tonight!)
i just had to say bye to one of my favorite stats i've ever met before..... (at least she had really nice things to say!)and i hope she has a great time in jersy
02:47pm 23/08/2005
  WICKED TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!  
01:36pm 22/08/2005
  and by stomp i think i meant blast  
"im a bashful child beginning to grow..."   
09:24am 22/08/2005
mood: working
damn, this is going to be one slow week at work. decided to take a short break and talk about the past weekend. pretty fun, jealeous of mellisa's weekend, but fun nonetheless! went down to st louis with lisa and got to stay at the hyatt regency thats connected to the union station. i'll see if i can post pics when i get home, but the place was amazing. we walked in and it seemed like a nicer room, two large beds and a huge tv. when you walk in the back, theres a door to another room that led to this huge lounge room for us with two more beds, huge free space, and a ton of food waiting for us on the table: fillet minion, chocolate covered strawberries, all kinds of desserts and cookies, fruit, salad stuff, cheese ive never even heard of before, and drinks. so nice. oh, i guess i should mention we're getting all this via lisa's dad's friend...all free. we got valet parking, room service and inroom ordered movies. it was a great deal. lisa and i also go to go eat at the restaurant for dinner and breakfast and talk to her dads friend. the dinner, wow. soooo good. i think it came to $100 just between the two of us. not that we ate a lot, it was just damn expensive. the waiters and stuff kept wondering why we were getting every meal and room service for free so they all kept staring and trying to talk to us to get it out. pretty funny. we also did things like go to the arch, art history museum, walk around downtown and forest park and go to the city museum, which was pretty cool. the city museum is made out of all recycled objects, and is pretty much just a 5 story jungle gym for people our age. it was inside and outside too. the outside part had this one wire tube that went like 15o feet or something into the air and its kinda shaped like the arch, and you get to climb through it. but its kidna like a fence with 4x4 inch gaps inbetween the one centimeter wire, so when you're at the top and you look down, its as if nothing is below you, pretty cool feeling. not nearly as cool as sky diving in 3 weeks is going to be! Also go to see rachel's house which was really nice. she made it seem as if it were country almost hick, and granted Troy had some country parts, her area and especially her house were real nice. it was cool seeing her again and helping her out with her fix! she spent the night with us friday night and we met up with her for a little bit sunday to give her her little sculpted head. In the musuem there's this arts and crafts place where you can do all these things for free, aka sculpt. i DID make something, but its a surprise so it wont be mentioned in here, but its pretty damn hot let me tell you! haha. I probably should make some type of paragraphs or spacing here, but eh, not worth it. i ramble too much for that. Wicked tomorrow night with pam and mo from school and colleen and nikki. so excited. anna comes home from canada today with rachel but then moves to school tomorrow. i'll probably stop by sometime this week or next...it's only like 5 minutes from my work and next week with no working ill be pretty bored doing nothing. there's really nothing needed for school that i can't get in one good trip to walmart. so at work theres an instrumental song on right now that sounded so familair, abba's "name of the game" SL, def thinking of you right about now!!! i listened to some Ateens in the car with lisa yesterday. it took slightly less than four hours to get from st louis to my house, not bad at all. pretty much listened to musicals the whole way. Alright, back to work. school in 12 days and im just purely excited about that. rachel joyce....be prepared, pimpin' and hos await, and maybe if you're lucky a little "my heart will go on". oh yeah, can i just say how weird our mail guy is...constantly talking to me when im in the middle of doing stuff, giving me cds of his, and recording his bands "jam session" saturday night so i could listen to it. i guys you just need to know him to see how creepy he is. he's also married to the lady with the cane at work, not that im judging that she has a cane...they are just such an awkward couple. anyone want to go see stomp with me? i think it might be coming soon. and melissa, sorry about never calling you back this weekend and signing off real fast last night. i will def talk to you this week and we'll make our colorado plans! and thank you hannah for the game, eric got it yesterday. i am the worst person ever and lost your address, but when i cleaned out my car for the weekend i found it, so i am mailing TODAY!! i promise to you. and hope you're having a great time at school. i'll finally be able to drunk dial WITH you in three months!maybe we can call melissa.... time to go cancel some policies and add on some schedules/ mtg changes
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wishing only ruins the heart..   
10:42am 19/08/2005
mood: FFIC baby
last night was SOOOO good. This weekend should be pretty awesome. leaving work early in like an hour and then heading off to st louis. today is rebekah's last day of work....thank god. she's sooooo weird. have a great weekend.

wicked in four days!
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"i think i saw karen with the bucket earlier....."   
09:39am 18/08/2005
mood: amused
i just need to post real quick cause this was way to funny and there's no one here at work to share it with anymore since katie left...also saddest day of the summer.

So yesterday there was this big party for Greta who's getting married this weekend and a shit load of food was there. There was a large bucket of cotton candy on the counter and no one except for me was eating it. So this morning, the bucket and a few random bags of chips were left over. I kept munching on the cotton candy, and i'm like, if im the only one eating this, i might as well just take it. So when no one was looking, i put it in my desk, yeah, i know, childish, but cmon, all day long all i have to look forward to at work is cancellig policies and adding schedules to other policies, so this cotton candy was one of those small things in life that just makes you so happy, as food always does!! So anyway, this one really socially awkward girl starts to go on a mission for the cotton candy and starts to ask EVERYONE in our office, so they all start wondering where the large bucket could have gone and now everyone is on a mission for it. I just think its funny cause these two ladies next to me are accusing this one manager and everyone is starting to talk about who they suspect took it. I'm just here, doing my work not talking to anyone about it. Maybe it's just me, but i find this whole situation pretty damn funny.

AND ITS THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aka best day of the damn summer for anna and i. i can not wait to get out of work because that means anna and i get to go meet our idol!!!!!!!!!
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08:58am 15/08/2005
mood: excited
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09:10am 11/08/2005
  Are any other Augie students not able to delete mail from their augie account right now either? I know I got the email from them upgrading, so I'm not sure if its a coincidence, or if the upgrading is the problem. It also said it would be done by the 10th though. Thats it for now, gotta get back to work here at FFIC  
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11:12am 03/08/2005
  and if you dont have it, does anyone have an ebay account i could mooch off?  
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10:52am 03/08/2005
  i know i never update, and this isn't a real one, but quick question to everyone.....

does anybody own mario allstar's for super nintendo that they would like to sell? If so, comment of give me a call, i'd appreciate it a lot. thanks
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12:52am 28/04/2005
  there are some days you just wish you were with your friends from home. they know you so well and you can just be yourself around them. no explaing why you're doing stuff. tonight was one of those days.  
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